Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without

The best books usually come from recommendations made by friends! This book is no exception. A close friend handed the book to me last week. Author/researcher Tom Rath explores the way in which friends can enrich your life and how fostering friendships at work can make an organization even more productive. According to new research, finding friends at work can make employees feel more connected to their jobs and the ideal situation is where the people you work with are "like family." Having friends at work may even make your home life more fulfilling and have positive affects on your health.

I'm still thinking about the principles laid out in "Vital Friends." Each of your friends may play one or more of the roles as builder, champion, collaborator, companion, connector, energizer, mind opener or navigator. According to Facebook I have 50 friends, but the people I really connect with would fill a much smaller circle. I'm fortunate to have several close friends at work and I consider my spouse of 25 years to be my BFF.