Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Author: Sarah Dessen

A guest review from Teen Room staff Valerie!

I have always appreciated Sarah Dessen for her great character development. I fall in love with the characters and wish they really existed. This book is no exception. Dessen really knows how to make her creations believable, but with just a little extra romanticism thrown in.
      This book is focused on a girl named Auden. Her parents are both professors who bring an intellectual, if not abnormally social tone to her life. Auden didn’t have a normal childhood. She spent her evenings at her mother’s grad student dinners and her days waiting for her father to take a break from writing his never ending book. Her parents are now divorced and Auden lives with her mother while her father has a new family in a beach town a couple of hours away. It’s the summer before she leaves for college and she decides to take a break from her routine life to spend the next couple of months with her new step family.
      During the summer, Auden meets Eli. An insomniac like herself, they spend their nights exploring the town and trying to recreate the childhood she never had. Eli opens up about his past as he helps Auden try to make new memories. Auden learns to give people chances, even her family, and ends up making true friends along the way.
      This is a book about self discovery, love, patience, and the ability to change your life. Dessen will not disappoint with this. You will find yourself rooting for your favorite characters and yelling at the ones who just don’t get it. You won’t want the book to end. Definitely 4/5 stars.